The life in a jungle is adventurous and intriguing, it can be serene at best or get all charged up depending upon the time and season, whatever be your taste,Penwell Safaris will work it out for you.

The mornings are misty, and as the sunrays clear the fog,you can hear the melodious“dawn chorus” of the birds, and watch the animals march, upfront and close. Or you could use the hot air balloon and watch them all from the beautiful skies.

Who are they?

Being Travel and wildlife enthusiasts ourselves, they have travelled to Africa’s aplenty, what they experienced was a complete disconnect of what the commercial safaris offer and what a safari experience can be!

While their love for Africa brought them here often, they also found out how fun and helpful the locals are, and most interestingly the human-like bond they share with animals, to an extent of even naming them.

Penwell Safaris was conceptualised to give this similar experience to the most adventurous wildlife enthusiasts like you.

How they work?

It starts with you, as you express your desire to travel with us, they would love to chat with you, understand what is in your mind, maybe make few suggestions and then as you start packing they will have the wholeitinerary organized in the meantime.

The Penwell Safaris Experience and what to know from there

If you are not sure about trying a safari, maybe this will help you.

  • Penwell Safaris are the best way to get closer to nature, to understand how natural life works far from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
  • They partner with the local and the indigenous people, they are their family and with them, you can be sure to have an amazing time.
  • With the hot air balloon service you can enjoy as the gazelles jump, the elephants stride, the majestic lionlaze and a herd of buffaloes and zebras traverse the forests.
  • And what better way of ending your day than with sun downers in a panoramic view of the sky.
  • Experience the Ngorongoro safari, the crown jewel of Tanzanian safari.

The star attraction of the African wildlife is the “big five” or “the ugly five” as the locals refer to the Lion, Leopard, the elephant, the rhino, and the buffalo.

Apart from them, experience the wonderful hospitality and culture of the Maasai’s. Asthelocal guide will usher you around you can expect to develop lasting bonds.

We understand that making a travel plan and that too into the deep wild forests of Africa is adilemma. It’s natural to feel unsure if the experience will be worth it.

Connect with them as they will help you with the genuine information, understand your requirements, your concerns and deliver you the best-personalized service you could ever expect.


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