As a global business tourism hub, the name of the French Riviera is at the top when it comes to organizing an event- whether it’s a business event or some kind of celebration. Easily accessible from a multitude of destinations, Nice is considered the second largest French business airport and consists of a large number of helipads, making it the main helicopter route of Europe.

More than 500 conference rooms and a plethora of top-range luxuries accommodation makes French Riviera enable to host more than 400 events and 500,000 congress attendees every year.

 Infrastructures, prestige and royal ambiance, exceptional climate, and festivities make French Riviera one of the most desirable places for all the companies for organizing an event of unmatched quality.

The Provence- Alpes- Côte d’Azur region and its coastal cities such as Cannes, Monaco, Nice, or the very glamorous city of Saint-Tropez are idyllic places for inviting your guests for making a royal and lasting impression with an extra happening event.

Which destination you can choose to organize an event on the French Riviera?

Located along with the Mediterranean coast, numerous destinations make French Riviera most popular: Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Juan-Les-Pins, Grasse, Monaco, Menton, St-Paul de Vence, Èze and many more. In addition to these, there are many other beautiful villages in the Riviera countryside. All these places give you a wide range of choices for organizing your business events to enhance your brand.

The French Riviera, endless choices for your corporate events

The most popular towns for corporate events in French Riviera are those, which are located at the coastline of the sea, such as Cannes, Monaco, or Nice. These towns have a large capacity and unparalleled infrastructure quality. The regions along the coast are very attractive and high-in-demand because of their warm view of the sea and diversity of different activities.

From Cannes to Monaco passing through beautiful city Nice, a wide range of luxurious and top-class accommodation awaiting for the welcome of your teams. The comfort and warm welcome of these hotels will give an outstanding image to your company.

Under the glitz and glamour of dazzling lights of Cannes or in the heart of the highly famous Saint-Tropez, you can organize your business event on a private yacht or boat with an advantage of the nightlife of the town. Your guests and team-members can continue the experience of the festival or event until midnight. It is a great initiative to capture customer’s attention.

Why Cannes is a primary destination for events?

Along with its Croisette, it’s luxury hotels, festivals, and unmatched-top-of-the-range infrastructures, Cannes represents luxury and royalty. Therefore, it is considered as a destination that lends itself as a perfect place for corporate events, because your brand will be associated with a sought a particular destination.

For an unmistakable day of business events, there are many event organizing companies in Cannes that put 100% of their service to make your event a real winner. Incentive or team-building days or business events need to be punctuated with entertaining, friendly, and exciting moments. You can entrust them with full confidence and they will add value and necessary ingredients to your event to make it unforgettable.

With its beauty and awe-struck places, French Riviera will make your normal event a masterpiece. It will give you the option of meeting your imagination to reality. The most important part of a successful event is successful logistics. You need to provide private chauffeur service and event transportation service to your guests with proper delivery schedules and checklists.

Here you can spend a very memorable and successful time with your guests- this place will put a long-lasting warming effect on your heart and mind.


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