If you’re traveling to Hong Kong or the other side of the world, you need careful preparation and planning to ensure your trip is a success. The right planning and preparation help you avoid potential disasters, such as running out local currency cash and bad weather. The following pre-departure preparation can help make your travel run smooth.

Make Travel Arrangements

Apply for a passport or visa. A passport is necessary if you are traveling to another country. Apply for a few months in advance. Depending on the traveler’s nationality, Hong Kong may or may not require a visitor to obtain an entry permit or visa.

Book Tickets. If flying, getting plane tickets may be one of the most expensive parts of the trip. That’s why this must be planned ahead of time for you to know precisely when you’ll arrive and how long you will stay. Also, it will enable you to anticipate the budget for the whole trip.

Let your family or trusted friends know you are traveling. Let some people close to you like your family or some of your trusted friends know your basic itinerary. Consider letting them know where you are going and how long you intend to stay there.

Planning a Trip to Hong Kong

Put the hotel, airline, and embassy or consulate contact information in your phone. This is important as you may run into problems like having no access to wifi and other unexpected emergencies. By doing this, you won’t have to struggle to get into their websites just to find their contact information.

Make reservations for transportation and accommodation. When arriving at the destination, of course, you will need a place to stay or rent a car for a smoother tour trip. You need to book all these in advance to avoid hassle and wasting time. However, in Hong Kong, transportation is quite effortless. Taxis are cheaper but only accept cash.  Airport Express can take you to some major destinations from the airport like tsim sha tsui shopping mall.  You can also get an Octopus card for your ride on MTR, bus, tram, and Star Ferry.

Know Essential Things About Hong Kong

Currency. Hong Kong has its own currency, known as the Hong Kong dollar. Travelers no need to worry about this as ATMs in Hong Kong are abundant. Money exchange is also easier, though the banks frequently offer better rates than money changers.

Crime rate. Hong Kong has a low crime rate and is one of the lowest in the world. Also, assaults on foreign travelers are almost unheard of. But normal precautions should be taken against pickpockets in some tourist areas and on public transportation. Hong Kong police are helpful and able to speak English if ever you encounter a dangerous situation or as a victim of a crime.

Weather. In spite of having four different seasons, Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. The ideal time to go on a trip is from September to December. It seldom rains in Hong Kong and is still warm when humidity is low. You may frequently be shuttling between the heat and air conditioned transport and buildings that blow cold air in summer. Storms seldomly hit Hong Kong between May and September. So it is important to plan the date of your visit so nothing can interfere with your desire to find tsim sha tsui restaurants with view of the Victoria Harbour, a major tourist  attraction in Hong Kong you wouldn’t want to miss.

Language. Though not necessarily required, it can be helpful to learn some basics in the language Cantonese Before traveling to Hong Kong. Cantonese is the local dialect spoken in Hong Kong. But the use of Mandarin is also on the rise. Worry a little because most people have at least a basic knowledge of the English language.


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